Villa Cristal
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Welcome to Viñales!
Viñales is a picturesque town in the heart of Cuba's prime tobacco-growing region. The town itself sits in the center of a flat valley surrounded by stunning karst hill formations known locally as mogotes. The mogotes are irregularly shaped steep-sided hills that can rise as high as 300m (985 ft.) and have bases ranging from just a few hundred yards in diameter to as much as a couple of kilometers in length. The mogotes form part of the Sierra de los Organos mountain chain, and were formed by eons of erosion. Many consider this the most naturally beautiful spot in Cuba. To be sure, the view of the Viñales Valley from any of the surrounding hillsides is stunning, particularly at sunrise or sunset.
Cuban History
The Cuban Flag
The Cuban Flag
The Flag of Cuba was designed in 1850 by rebels that wanted independence from Spain. The 3 blue stripes represent the divisions of the Island at the time, while the white stripes represent freedom. The equilateral triangle stands for freedom, equality and brotherhood. The red color represents the bloodstain necessary to achieve independence. The star represents absolute freedom of the people.
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
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